About me

Hello, I’m Tor.
A Computer Hobbyist based in Norway, Oslo

Currently Cooperating with Harvey’s Virtual Environment – Co-owner and Moderator. Working full-time as a plumber.

A tech enthusiast with two decades of experience dancing with bits and bytes. Networking and server management are my new playgrounds, while building and reviving computers is my lifelong passion. Let’s unravel the mysteries of technology together!

Harvey’s Virtual Environment
aka HSVE

We are a dedicated group within the Hackintosh Community focusing on doing Hackintosh The New Way. This project is utilizing a Type 1 Hypervisor/Bare-Metal Hypervisor called Proxmox, which is a virtualization platform, but with a 1:1 performance ratio with bare-metal Hackintosh Systems.

Are you eager to get your Hackintosh system up and running?